The 5th Wall

The ceiling is not the first place you'd think of putting wallpaper, is it?  After all it's called wallpaper - but maybe not. One of the most simple yet creative ways to transform your living space is to utilise the fifth wall, whether choosing a pared back minimalist design or a bold pattern. If you'd like to have a statement ceiling but don't feel comfortable with a patterned wallpaper,  you can still achieve a lovely effect with an out of the box colour (I mean not white please...). The same colour or one shade lighter [...]

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JOMO – Finally !

The Joy Of Missing Out has finally replaced “fear of missing out” (Fomo) which was a term emerged from the uprising in social media portraying everyone out, supposedly enjoying every moment of life and making others feel like they are missing all the happenings outside. However the trend has changed and staying in is the new going out. As all social trends have an impact on how we live, we can see the reflections of Jomo in every corner of our lives and especially in these 3 key trends in interior design. 1- Hygge continues; [...]

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Crittal Windows & Doors

One of my favourite trends of 2019 is the Crittal doors. Edgy and versatile, the sturdy, slim-profile frames tap into the current trend for all things industrial. It’s no wonder Crittal-style has been dominating our Pinterest feeds. They allow you cleverly partition open areas to differentiate zones without compromising on light or space. They have the ability to completely transform a space; not just by giving it a cool, modern edge but also by opening up a space and letting in more light. Originally developed in 1889 by Essex ironmonger, Francis Henry, the name has become generic [...]

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Bathrooms with soul !

I love bathrooms that are almost like living rooms. As they are the ultimate pampering zone where you can enjoy a quiet luxury of comfort and style, sorting out the essentials is just not enough. It adds a lot when you incorporate fresh flowers, plants, candles, wall arts, soft furnishings and even a cozy seating corner if possible. You should never be discouraged with a low budget or a tiny space, there are many creative ways to revamp your bathroom. Here are some tips and ideas to give you some inspiration; 1- Make a decision about [...]

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Gourd Pendants, A Real “Eco Art” !

As we all know, Anatolia is a heaven of handcrafts because of its rich cultural background and indigenous materials that are perfect for decorative art. It’s very inspiring to see that the people of this land not just own their traditions with pride, but also use their creativity to develop new handcrafts and artistic materials. Making beautiful pendants from Gourd is one of them. It’s a meticulous 8-10 hours work for a craftsman to create a gourd lamp from a matured gourd by carving out the fruit to make holes on the shell to create [...]

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